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About us - Company

COJALI, R+D+i at the service of commercial vehicles

Research, development and innovation are the foundations upon which COJALI is built. For this reason, each and every one of its products have been able to come to life; from fan clutches with electronic control, to valves with electro-pneumatic control, automatic levers, even the diagnosis tool and the new ECU for e-ABS trailers and semi-trailers. All of them were born in this department that comprises all the sections developed by COJALI.

About us - Company

The appropriate facilities in accordance to COJALI’s turnover

The facilities where COJALI is located are divided into several groups:

  • Some are focused on manufacturing, such as the automated manufacturing conveyor belts of cooling or braking systems, the electronics laboratory, the diagnosis preparation isle, etc.
  • Others are focused on development, such as the departments for the implementation of vehicle systems for diagnosis, the design centers of cooling or braking systems.
  • Other departments are entrusted to the quality control, raw material or the finished product, from cooling systems, to valves, servo clutches, brake chambers, automatic levers, even testbenches for the testing of the JalTest diagnosis tool or the ECUs.
  • Others are in charge of the commercial management, marketing and administration.
About us - Company

Not only a manufacturer. COJALI, a company of services.

And finally, a series of specific sections responsible for meeting the needs of our customers. All of them constitute the added value which differentiates us from our competitors:

  • Training: COJALI has developed a series of classrooms aimed at a theoretical and practical training. They offer training cycles of each and every one of the skills which are necessary in order to cope with the technological developments arising currently. Among them, we can find diagnosis, electricity and electronics, pneumatics, engine management, gearboxes and retarders, etc.
  • Technical assistance: The technical assistance human staff is a large team in charge of solving any incidents that our customers may encounter.
  • Customer service: Telephone or on-road support are the two types of assistance that the COJALI group can offer. Both of them carry out a series of tasks providing information, advices or guidance in order to ensure that our customers have satisfactory business relations.
  • JalTest Official Service: Specific group of JalTest users that profit from all the advantages from training (a specific training plan), technical assistance and other special benefits as a member of this group, one of the largest in Spain.
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